C-Warmer Blue : Compule Warmer w/ holder


• Maintains constant temperature

• Freely adjustable temperature between 20⁰C~60⁰C

• Holds up to 7 various size cartridges

•Improves the flow capacities of composite

• Reduces microleakage

• This does not function as a cooler. Warmer starts at the ambient temperature once turned on. The temperature will stay at the ambient temperature even when it's set lower than the ambient temperature.

• Slot Diameter: Large Slot: 1.2cm, Medium Slot: 0.9cm, Small Slot: 0.8cm

• 1 Large Slot can hold compule dispenser gun or composite resin

• 1 Medium Slot can hold larger sized cartridges

• 5 Small Slots can hold anesthetic cartridges • Recommended temperature setting for lidocaine: 37⁰C / Composite: 40~45⁰C

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